Dorothy Page Museum


The Dorothy Page Museum is the City of Wasilla’s first museum. In 1931, the building the museum now resides in was built as a community hall. Prior to the founding of the museum, the building was used for social gatherings and community functions. 30 years later, the building had deteriorated into a state that was no longer suitable for a community hall, and in 1967, the city renovated the building and funded the Dorothy Page Museum.

VWdorothyThe Dorothy Page Museum set about gathering and preserving the artifacts and historic items of Wasilla’s past. The assortment of Wasilla artifacts stored at the Dorothy Page Museum represents the largest collection in the region. Through exhibits, programs, and lectures, the Dorothy Page Museum shares Wasilla’s history with all who are interested.
In addition, the Dorothy Page Museum owns Wasilla’s first school. Both the museum and the school are National Historic Landmarks that are located in the Historic Town Site of Wasilla. These buildings represent part of the history of the first Wasilla pioneers and are preserved to show the architectural and social development of Wasilla. Come visit, learn about the early pioneers, and see their story told through objects of the past.