Transportation Museum

Alaska_MATIThe Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry (MATI) was created to display and collect the machinery left over from the bursts of growth in Alaska’s economy. Resources discovered meant that railroads had to be built, aircrafts had to be assembled, and roads had to be cleared for the development to continue. After the resources were exhausted, the machinery used remained in the forest and tundra due to the high costs of transportation for removal of the equipment, while the workers moved out.

MATI has gathered those machines left to rust and preserved them to educate the public and present an educational, historical account of the history of transportation and industry in Alaska and the people of the era. A complete timeline of artifacts shows the progress that has been made through Alaska’s history.

MATI is a unique facility dedicated to preserving Alaska’s past. From airplanes, to trains, tractors, and cars, this museum has it all. Come visit and view the exhibits of early workers, whether agricultural, industrial, or economical. See the development that has brought Alaska into the modern era.