Musk Ox Farm

MuskOxRight off the Parks highway just outside Palmer, AK, the Musk Ox Farm provides a cultural destination for the whole family to enjoy. Home to one of the Arctic’s oldest living species, the Musk Ox Farm focuses on the growth and domestication of the musk ox. Come and take a guided tour of the farm and see bulls, cows, and newborn calves.

These musk oxen provide further substance income to Native families living in rural Alaska, and have been since 1954 when the Musk Ox Project began. Qiviut, the fine under-wool of the musk ox, is gathered and delivered to a Native knitter’s cooperation called Oomingmak, and then distributed to knitters throughout Alaska. The knitters make scarves, nachaqs (Eskimo smoke rings) and caps with the traditional knitting patterns unique to each village.

The tour of the farm includes a viewing of the musk ox at close range and a tour of the museum, which displays the history of the musk ox, from the ice age to the development of domestication on the farm. Learn about the knitting of the qiviut and see the distinct patterns from the different Native villages, as well as feel the fine clothing made from it. The Musk Ox Farm is a great destination, and truly represents a part of Alaska’s history.