The Railroad

TransRailroadThe Alaska Railroad has played a crucial factor in Wasilla’s history. Wasilla sprang up as a trading hub and supply center when the railroad was built through the area, connecting the coast to the interior. Today, the railroad not only serves as a means of transportation, but also as a way to experience and enjoy the state of Alaska. The passenger train stops right in the heart of Wasilla and connects to Anchorage and Fairbanks.

In 1903 the first railroad in Alaska was built by Alaska Central Railway. It began in Seward and extended 50 miles north. Since then, the Alaska Central Railway has gone out of business and The Alaska Railroad Corporation is now running and maintaining the railroad. They are continually improving quality of travel, becoming more efficient, and expanding service by opening more stations and operating more routes across the state.

The Alaska Railroad is the perfect way to travel to all areas of Alaska. From Denali National Park, to Seward, Fairbanks, the Arctic Circle, and everything in between, the Alaska Railroad offers a relaxing, scenic ride through mountains, along rivers, and across tundra. Coordinating with cruise lines, fishing charters, and lodges, they have unlimited arrangements of tours available. For a great way to see what Alaska has to offer, make a reservation today.