2018 Board Nominations!

The Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce is accepting self-nominations for five (5) seats on its Board of Directors for 2018. All candidates must be members in good standing. To self nominate, just complete a 2018 Board Candidate Agreement Form, and return it to the Chamber offices by email (contact@wasillachamber.org), Fax at 907-373-2560, or by dropping off at 415 … Read more

Primrose Plant Contest!

Primrose Retirement Community has Primrose seeds to be planted and grown in home.  Sherrille Van Horn the Sales Director with Primrose Retirement Community has them packaged either with the planting bucket and supplies for $5, or seeds with dirt for $3. All proceeds will be donated to Meals on Wheels program for Seniors. Simply take them home … Read more

Bookkeeping RFP 2017

    The Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce is currently accepting proposals for bookkeeping services. See the following RFP for submission requirements and guidelines: GWCC Bookkeeping RFP 2017 .  Submissions are due to GWCC no later than 5:00 PM AKDT on June 20th, 2017. The GWCC Fiscal Control Policy is found here: GWCC Fiscal Control Policy 09-01