If you are interested in joining any of the following committees, please reach out to Chamber Staff for more information.

Ambassadors Committee

The Wasilla Chamber Ambassadors are an elite group of Chamber Members charged with assisting the Wasilla Chamber Staff with business outreach, member retention and education, supporting member celebrations (including ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings), and welcoming new members to the Wasilla Chamber.

Budget/Finance Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for the preparation of an operating budget covering all activities of the Chamber. The Budget Committee also suggests ways and means of conserving and increasing revenues, oversees the monthly financial reports, and is responsible for reporting the financial position of the Chamber to the Board of Directors.

Policy & Bylaw Committee

The Policy and Bylaw Committee is responsible for establishing procedures and formulating policies. These policies shall be maintained in a policy manual, to be reviewed annually and revision recommendations made as necessary by the standing Policy & Procedure Review Committee. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the Bylaws. These Bylaws shall be reviewed annually and revision recommendations made as necessary by the standing Bylaw Review Committee and presented to the membership for a mandatory vote at the annual meeting.

Election Committee

The Chair of the ad hoc Election Committee is appointed by the Board President on an annual basis for purposes of overseeing and facilitating the annual election process. This committee is charged with ensuring the Board application is updated and appropriate, prospective candidates provide the information needed, interviews are conducted, and an approved slate of candidates is put forward to the Board of Directors for approval by the published deadlines. Additionally, this committee oversees the election process, ensuring that the ballots are appropriately placed online,  the 'one member, one vote' policy is adhered to, and the election results are certified. This is an ad hoc committee that is dissolved annually after the completion of the Board elections.

Government Affairs Committee

This committee focuses on local transportation, education, economic development, and other legislative issues that may affect our members. This committee is charged with vetting all requests for letters of support that fall outside of the currently approved Priorities statements, as well as hosting legislative education sessions and election forums and debates.  The Government Affairs Committee publishes a list of GAC Legislative Priorities annually that may be found here.


To participate on any of these committees contact us now!

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