Celebrate Excellence: Nominate for the 2023 Wasilla Chamber Membership Awards

It’s that special time of year again in Wasilla! The 2023 Annual Wasilla Chamber Membership Awards are fast approaching, and we’re calling on all our Chamber members to participate in the nomination process.

The Wasilla Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of our member businesses and individuals. Whether it’s a local small business that’s become a cornerstone of the community, a large business making significant strides, a dedicated non-profit, a community champion making a difference, or an outstanding member whose efforts have been exceptional – this is your chance to shine a spotlight on their hard work and success.

How Can You Nominate?

Nominating is simple and straightforward. Just visit our nomination page and fill out the nomination form. Remember, only Chamber members are eligible to be nominated, so your participation is vital in ensuring that the best of our community is recognized.

Why Should You Nominate?

Your nominations are not just about awards; they’re a way of acknowledging and celebrating the hard work, commitment, and spirit of those who contribute significantly to the Wasilla community. By nominating, you’re showing your support and appreciation for fellow members and their contributions.

Award Categories:

This year, we have five categories that you can nominate for:

  1. Small Business of the Year
  2. Large Business of the Year
  3. Non-Profit of the Year
  4. Community Champion Award
  5. Outstanding Member Award

These categories have been thoughtfully chosen to encompass the diverse and dynamic nature of our business community in Wasilla.

Announcement of Winners:

All nominees will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and the winners will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting on March 12th. This event will not only be a celebration of the winners but a celebration of our community’s resilience, innovation, and collaborative spirit.

Your Voice Matters:

Your nominations matter a great deal. They bring deserved recognition to those who work tirelessly for the betterment of our community and business landscape. Let’s come together to celebrate the best among us.

We encourage all our members to participate in the nomination process and help us highlight the achievements of our fellow Chamber members. Nominate your choices today and mark your calendars for the Annual Membership Meeting – it’s an event you won’t want to miss!


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